Monster Raffle draw results

Sunday, 20th February 2022

On 20 Feb 2022, the Dunsborough Lakes Golf Club held the Monster Raffle and lunch at the Club’s Lakeside Tavern.

The lunch was well attended and the draw was a great success, especially for those multiple prize winners.

Read on for the full list of winners and the second-chance draw winners.

All winners are requested to collect their prizes from the Lakeside Tavern by no later than Friday 25 Feb 2022.

Monster Raffle draw winners

DrawPrizeWinner’s nameTicket
15 dozen wine selectionJustin Scanlan2762
2Brash/Wills Domain dozenGary Ebert2095
3Brash/Wills Domain dozenBob Hunter2815
4Brash/Wills Domain dozenBob Hunter2811
5Brash/Wills Domain dozenBrian Mcguiness5521
6Brash/Wills Domain dozenN & S Jackson1734
7Brash/Wills Domain dozenMark Fabian0765
8Brash/Wills Domain dozenSally Chandler1955
9Brash/Wills Domain dozenJeff Green0480
10Brash/Wills Domain dozenKaren Henderson2166
11Brash/Wills Domain dozenJohn Lybrand2392
12Brash/Wills Domain dozenRoss Wheeler1797
13Brash/Wills Domain dozenMichelle Keogh2340
14Brash/Wills Domain dozenGary Ebert2093
15Brash/Wills Domain dozenChris Munro269
16Brash/Wills Domain dozenGeoff Mcnabb6540
17Brash/Wills Domain dozenTony Treeve0009
18Brash/Wills Domain dozenNick Jenkins1797
19Brash/Wills Domain dozenLionel Poole1436
20Brash/Wills Domain dozenGary Cox918
21Brash/Wills Domain dozenRuss Hawkins1430
22Brash/Wills Domain dozenM Paech1881
23Brash/Wills Domain dozenBill Weir1193
24Brash/Wills Domain dozenGary Ebert2097
25Brash/Wills Domain dozen 1049
26Brash/Wills Domain dozenKim Stewart0154
27Brash/Wills Domain dozenBrent Carter5559
28Brash/Wills Domain dozenDave Jones0660
29Brash/Wills Domain dozenJustin Scanlan2765
30Brash/Wills Domain dozenTrevor Rose0338
31Brash/Wills Domain dozenSimon Carter0526
32Brash/Wills Domain dozenKerry Berryman6572
33Brash/Wills Domain dozenMike Allwood1566
34Brash/Wills Domain dozenCobs1716
35Brash/Wills Domain dozenCraig Costello0942
36Brash/Wills Domain dozenSteve Kristensen2359
37Brash/Wills Domain dozenKelly Bailey1472
38Brash/Wills Domain dozenGary Ebert2091
39Brash/Wills Domain dozenMike Fisher2131
40Brash/Wills Domain dozenCharlie Fear2744
41Brash/Wills Domain dozenPaul Vanderlist1140
42Brash/Wills Domain dozenAndy Ferrera0242
43Brash/Wills Domain dozenDenis Hoemberg0035
44Brash/Wills Domain dozenRoger Thomson2650
45Brash/Wills Domain dozenGlen Smith0794
46Brash/Wills Domain dozenL Stewart1929
47Brash/Wills Domain dozenIan Atkins1332
48Brash/Wills Domain dozenRobyn Adair1869
49Brash/Wills Domain dozenMarie Adair1870
50Brash/Wills Domain dozenJohn Ryan0049

Monster Raffle second-chance draw winners

Prize donorPrize descriptionWinner’s nameTicket
Wills Domain Homestead2-night stay for 8 peopleMike Fisher2131
Regency Beach Club2-night stay for 2 peopleSally Chandler1955
DLGCRound of golf with dinner and drinks for 4 peopleKim Stewart 0154
Mitre 10 DunsboroughWeber barbecueKelly Bailey1472
South West Automotive$350 voucherDave Jones0660
Dunsborough Outdoor SportzAqua Tramp ($499 value)Tony Treeve0009
Blue Manna Bistro$300 voucherGary Ebert2017
Dunsborough Automotive$300 voucherMichelle Keogh2340
Bosun MarineEPIRB ($300 value)Bill Weir1193
Occy’s Dunsborough$100 voucherGlen Smith0794
Olive + Lily$150 voucherNick Jenkins1767
Access Fishing$50 voucherPaul Vanderlist1140
Passion For Hair$100 voucherJustin Scanlon2765
Evolution Surf$50 voucherN & S Jackson1734
Titleist Golf6-dozen golf balls ($220 value)Gary Ebert2091
Dunsborough Cellars3 bottles of wineSteve Kristensen2359
Rocky RidgeA carton of beer for each winner listed rightRuss Hawkins
Sally Thomas
David Corney
Nathan Hudson
Chris Carter
 A bottle of wine for each winner listed rightMark Preston
Sue Reynolds
Linda Jenkins