Lakeside Tavern news

Friday, 30th October 2020

Lakeside Tavern is pleased to announce the opening of its cafe service offering coffee and snacks for golfers and the general public. We’re also excited to say our family-friendly theme has been improved by the construction of our kids’ playground.

Lakeside Cafe

The Lakeside Cafe is now open for coffee and snacks every day. We have sourced our products locally as part of our desire to support businesses in our area.

We are particularly excited to announce that we are selling coffee supplied by a brand-new local business: Dunsborough Coffee Co.

We’re the first! Dunsborough Coffee Co. will be opening a store in Dunsborough on 20 November 2020. Until then, you can buy their coffee only at Lakeside.

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours
• 7 days

8:00 am – late
Cafe menu
Regular coffee
Large coffee
(we also have soy, almond and coconut milk)
Toasted sandwiches

$0.50 extra

We are working to increase our menu items. Check out the Lakeside Tavern main page for more information.

Lakeside kids’ playground

The new and improved kids’ playground at the Lakeside bar and bistro highlights our commitment to being a family-friendly venue. The playground is located off the deck: it has a shade-sail cover, is enclosed by fencing, and has ramp access.

There’s a pirate ship, a pontoon, and stepping stones for the adventurous explorers to go and play while Mum and Dad enjoy a relaxing time on the deck.

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