Become a member

Whether you want to play every day, at the weekends or when you’re home off your FIFO swing, Dunsborough Lakes Golf Club offers a choice of membership options to cater for your needs.

Our membership subscription period runs from 1 September to 31 August in the following year.

Application process

  1. Review the membership types and fees table below to decide which option suits your needs.
  2. Download an application form and print it.
  3. When you have completed your membership application, send it to us for processing. There are instructions on the form.

When we have received your application we will contact you to complete your payment. When the payment is complete you will become a provisional member and you can begin to use the Club’s facilities inline with your chosen membership type.

All membership applications are considered for approval by the Club’s Board at the earliest board meeting following our receipt of your application. We will notify you of the outcome of your application and discuss the payment arrangement.

Membership types and fees

The club’s membership subscription fees are due on or before the start of each subscription period. Pro-rata membership fees are not available but we do offer a number of flexible memberships for those who can’t play all year round.

The following table shows the membership fees for the period from 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022. The table also provides a monthly equivalent (ME) so that you can compare the fees.

Membership types and conditions (2021 – 22) Fee ME
Full (Cat. A) membership
– Full membership with no restrictions.
$1930.00 $160.83
Full (Cat. B) membership
– Full membership with restricted entry to some events.
$1447.50 $120.63
Senior membership
– Must be aged 75 or over on 1 September.
$1737.00 $144.75
FIFO membership
– Working further than 500 km from the Club for at least six months of the year.
$1447.50 $120.63
Lifestyle membership
– 12 months from the start of the membership. (Read more)
$1158.00 $96.50
Affiliate membership
– Member of another Australian golf club and having a residential address more than 150 km from the Club.
$1351.00 $112.58
Adult under 30 membership
– Aged 25 – 29 on 1 September.
$1158.00 $96.50
Adult under 25 membership
– Aged 18 – 24 on 1 September.
$772.00 $64.33
Junior under 18 membership
– Aged 13 – 17 on 1 September.
$289.50 $24.13
Junior under 13 membership
– Aged 12 and under on 1 September.
$144.75 $12.06
Short-term memberships
– 1 month
– 2 months
– 3 months



Golf cart fees

The Club charges a fee for using privately owned golf carts on any part of the Club’s property. All owners and operators of privately owned golf carts must complete an agreement with the Club and pay the fee if they wish to use their golf cart. New members must complete an agreement form as part of their membership application.

Golf cart fee (2021 – 22)$250.00